Large Bowl


Made from white porcelain refined to near paper fine thickness. I am interested in seeing how delicate you can work with the porcelain while retaining its strength. The bowl is made by hand using a mould as my resist. With the porcelain there is a natural slight variation of thickness, due to being refined by using a wooden tool, which when lit at night produces a soft cloudy effect. Each one is pushed to a non-uniform shape as the porcelain becomes soft during firing & moves in reaction to the form I have made. Finally the piece is sanded on the outside surface to produce a smooth tactile surface.

Two small single tea light shells sits loose inside the piece and can be used inside or separate to the piece.

Size - 210-250mm dia x 95-115mm high, due to the movement of the piece during firing the size is approximate

As each piece is unique the images shown are an indication of the forms and yours may vary slightly. Please contact me if you have a specific request.

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